About Us and Our Activities

The SFU Science and Technology for Aging Research (STAR) Institute is committed to supporting community-engaged research in the rapidly growing area of technology and aging (also known as AgeTech).

The STAR Institute is affiliated with Simon Fraser University (SFU) and conducts its activities in such a way as to enhance the reputation and the programs of the University.

AgeTech - using existing and emerging advanced technologies to support health and well-being in later life - is increasingly being recognized as a key component of the services and supports needed to help everyone age healthily and live independently. AgeTech can help older Canadians to keep healthy and active, increase their safety and security, support independent living, and enhance social participation, whatever the person’s needs, abilities and circumstances.

This sector has enormous potential to not only improve the quality of all of our lives as we age, but to create good jobs and spark economic 

growth. Rapid advances in technology are occurring at the same time as population aging. AgeTech innovation is a key strategy for creating a society that is responsive to seniors’ needs while reducing healthcare costs.

The Institute was founded in 2016 to support and nurture this process. The mission of the STAR Institute is …to make SFU a world leader in research and innovation in the AgeTech sector, becoming an essential resource for students, researchers, industry and services in BC. 

The Institute supports the development and implementation of technologies to address many of the health challenges encountered in old age, as well as address the social, commercial and policy aspects of using and accessing technologies including barriers around equitable access.