Special Project: Ethics in Technology and Aging

ICE-TeA: The International Consortium for Ethics in Technology and Aging

The SFU STAR Institute received funding from the AGE-WELL Catalyst Funding Program in Healthy Aging in May 2023 to lead on a project that addresses ethical challenges in AgeTech with the aim of co-creating a way forward with national and international communities. See AGE-WELL's funding announcement HERE

In Year 1, the ICE-TEA core team is working with academic and community partners to:

  • Facilitate 8+ national and international workshops, seminars, webinars and symposia
  • Carry out a rapid review of ethical issues within AgeTech
  • Establish an Ethical AgeTech Community of Practice (CoP)
  • Develop knowledge mobilization materials and publications, including a book in AGE-WELL's Springer AgeTech book series on Ethics, Technology and Aging
  • Develop project branding
  • And more

In 2024-25, an ICE-TEA project website will be developed to further the project's CoP.

The first three international co-creation workshops took place in June 2023 and a report was published in December 2023 on workshop key findings and recommendations: AgeTech, Ethics and Equity: Towards a Cultural Shift in AgeTech Ethical Responsibility.

The first national co-creation workshop took place during AGE-WELL's Annual Conference 2023 in October 2023 in Toronto, Ontario.

The second and third national workshops on "Technology for Seniors" are taking place in late March and early April at Silver Harbour Seniors Centre and 411 Seniors Centre Society.

See workshop posters below for more details:

  • Silver Harbour Community-Based Workshop: Poster
  • 411 Seniors Community-Based Workshop: Poster

A workshop to develop ICE-TEA's Community of Practice will be taking place in early May. 

ICE-TEA core team members took part in a symposium on AgeTech and the Ethical Imperative at the Gerontological Society of America Annual Scientific Meeting 2023 2023 in November 2023 in Tampa, Florida.

Additional project outputs and resources will be shared on this page as they are published. Stay tuned for opportunities on how to participate in ICE-TEA activities and events. 

For more information on ICE-TEA's Community of Practice (CoP), click below: