Science Communication Resources

Real-World Ouput Templates and Guidelines Tool-kit

As part of SFU STAR's involvement in the SFU Point of Care Health Technologies (PCHT) team, the Institute developed a tool-kit that includes a set of guidelines and templates for researchers to assist them in communicating research outcomes to the "real-world". As part of science communication best practices it is ideal for research projects to have parallel academic and real-world outputs. To this end, STAR encourages researchers to review the tool-kit and think about how projects can create parallel outputs along side academic papers, targeted at knowledge users. 

Info sheet - A "what-do-we-know" summary; Project brief - A lay summary of the who, what, why, how, where and when of a new project; Research brief - A lay summary of research project and results; Policy brief - Short summaries of research implications for social, health and economic policy, targeted at policy with a focus on problems, potential solutions and social and economic benefits; Business brief - How the results of the research can be developed into new business opportunities; and Impact case studies - Examples of excellent research that has led to real-world impact.

To review and download the full tool-kit, click here (PDF format) and here (Word format). 

"Science communication is the practice of educating and raising awareness of science-related topics and translating knowledge into useful terms."