Networking and Research

Research and learning are a big part of your student journey, and they are also pivotal to your career journey. As you develop your career, you will need to do some research and take a few small risks, such as interacting with others or conducting information interviews. Networking, building connections, and learning about different careers and career paths can bolster your journey with confidence and knowledge. Focusing on a proactive strategy for career exploration can even lead you towards navigating the hiring process with more ease.



·  Gain new skills and experience: Developing new skills and putting your knowledge into practice can help you explore career paths while adding experience to your resume

·  Meet people from across campus or in the larger community: It’s a great way to meet others, grow your circle of friends, build a community, and develop a sense of belonging

·  Build a professional network: Connect with people who work in areas you are interested in; ask questions about their work and career paths. These are the people who may become mentors, future references and work search advocates

·  Give back to the community and make a positive, meaningful impact: Working alongside others with common interests can be very rewarding and can help develop a sense of purpose and fulfillment

·  Personal and professional development: Build confidence, develop teamwork skills, and improve your communication, problem-solving, organization and time-management abilities. These employability skills are in-demand!

·  Improve job prospects: Stand out to potential employers by demonstrating your commitment to social responsibility, community involvement, positive change, and personal growth.


  • what INTERESTS or EXCITES you – causes/fields/roles/work environments
  • what SKILLS would you like to develop and use
  • which PEOPLE would you like to work with, and for
  • how much TIME can you realistically commit and how FAR can you commute

There are many ways to get involved, both on and off campus!

Check out opportunities here or make an appointment to chat with a Career Education Specialist.