Research Centres

SFU's Research Centres and Institutes support collaborative research to confront key scientific and global challenges, foster creative interaction, and stimulate engagement with students and visiting scholars. SFU's Vancouver campus is home to many local, national, and international research centres, which directly contribute to Simon Fraser University's position among Canada’s top universities in research impact. 

SFU David Lam Centre

David See-chai Lam Centre supports and facilitates research collaboration, networking and building the community of Asia-related scholars across campus and internationally.

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Feminist Research, Education, Development and Action Centre (FREDA)

The FREDA Centre is committed to participatory action research, focused specifically on violence against women and children, and works in the interests of the community to end this violence.

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Centre for Applied Research in Mental Health and Addiction (CARMHA)

CARMHA’s mission is to conduct research, generate evidence, and translate knowledge into policy and practices that promote mental wellness, promote recovery from harmful addictions and mental illnesses, and reduce related harms.

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Gerontology Research Centre (GRC)

The GRC serves as a focal point for research, education, and information on individual and population aging.

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Children's Health Policy Centre (CHPC)

The CHPC focuses on improving well-being for all children, and on the public policies needed to reach this goal. Their work complements the mission of the Faculty of Health Sciences to advance the health of populations locally, nationally and globally.

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Canadian Institute for Studies in Publishing (CISP)

The CISP hosts a broad range of research activities carried out by SFU faculty, staff, and students, who, in collaboration with other universities and industry, are seeking to advance our understanding of publishing models and practices.

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Centre for Policy Research on Science and Technology (CPROST)

CPROST is devoted to policy studies on science, technology, and innovation (STI). CPROST brings together practitioners and scholars to study the interaction of advances in STI, their implementation in the marketplace, and their impacts on community and individual interests.

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SFU Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Institute of Gender and Health

The Institute of Gender and Health (IGH)'s mission is to foster research excellence regarding the influence of sex and gender on health and to apply these findings to identify and address pressing health challenges facing men, women, girls, boys and gender-diverse people.

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