CKM Sports

CKM Sports Management is a consulting firm that maximizes the potential of its clients. Through focusing on life planning, strength and conditioning, educational planning, health and nutrition, athlete marketing, and scouting packages, CKM increases its clients’ competitive advantage while attaining their goals and aspirations. CKM Sports Management Ltd is a sports management firm that provides amateur and professional hockey players with professional services to reach the next level of competition and attain their goals. Through increasing competitive advantage we focus on improving skills relating to psychological strength, education, analytics and athletic ability. We allow you to focus on your game while we establish a smooth transition to a higher level of competition.

As a Hockey focused agency CKM structures its business model to provide the highest level of Client Services in the industry. We implement innovative solutions to existing issues and opportunities that you as a player encounter regularly. Be it a trade request, tax or legal concern, development need, or branding/sponsorship opportunity, CKM Sports Management has you covered.