Meet the Makers

Who has what it takes to win a purchase order from the SFU Spirit Shop?

The time has come to introduce the #MadeBySFU competitors. And we have to say, they’re a talented bunch! From vibrant artwork to sustainable fashion, this year’s competitors are truly passionate about their products.

Earlier in the year, we weren’t even sure if we’d be able to host the competition or how it’d look like. Ultimately, we held on to the core of #MadeBySFU which is to celebrate product entrepreneurs. In a year where small businesses are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, we hope the competition can shine a light on the amazing entrepreneurs at SFU and give them encouragement in this time.

We found ways to pivot the competition and bring the marketplace online. RSVP for marketplace day on November 18 to shop their products!

Without further ado, let’s meet the makers of #MadeBySFU 2020!



Maker: Melissa Tamer, Khadijah Ali
SFU: Faculty of Science alumnus (Melissa), Department of Biological Sciences staff (Khadijah)
Social media: Facebook/Instagram

Aquila Soaps sells handmade, animal fat free soap made by cold process. Their soaps are made in small batches locally and are vegan, palm oil-free, chemical-free, and preservative-free. Treat your skin to the gentlest wash.



Maker: Olivia Steed
SFU: Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology, School of Interactive Arts and Technology undergraduate student
Social media: Instagram

Just an artist doing her thing selling adorable and unique pottery dishes.



Maker: Peiyu Cui
SFU: Faculty of Science graduate student
Social media: N/A

Most high-end audio systems today use XLR connectors and high-end cables can cost over $2000! bilibilipilipili provides customers an alternative choice with their custom handmade cables that compare favourably against any other high-end cables. They’re made in Canada and cost a fraction of the price!



Maker: Taylor Wilson
SFU: School of Criminology undergraduate student
Social media: Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn

We are a slow fashion brand focused on creating a new sustainable standard for hair accessories. All our products, which include scrunchies, headbands, bandanas, and bucket hats are handmade in Vancouver from naturally derived and biodegradable fabrics such as silk noil, hemp and organic cotton.



Maker: Lucy Lei
SFU: Faculty of Environment undergraduate student
Social media: Instagram

DEINE is a modern approach to standard beauty brands. We specialize in rose-infused skin solutions to deliver luxurious quality at affordable prices without harmful and unnecessary chemicals. At DEINE, we promise natural, high quality, and minimal products to help you achieve your definition of beauty.



Maker: Elliott McWilliams
SFU: Faculty of Applied Sciences, School of Mechatronics Systems Engineering undergraduate student
Social media: Instagram

ElleBelle’s Creations provides you with a wide selection of personalized gifts, including hand-cast resin jewellery, soy candles, gift boxes, tumblers, and artisan mechanical keycaps - all made locally in Surrey, BC!




Maker: Esther Joo
SFU: Faculty of Communications alumnus
Social media: Instagram

Inspired by the little moments of every day, For the Seconds sells quality jewelry pieces that will last and can be worn in every setting at an affordable price.



Maker: Katelyn James
SFU: Faculty of Environment undergraduate student
Social media: Instagram

Katelyn James PNW captures nature photography in the West Coast. Her high quality fine art prints of photos are inspired by the BC landscape.



Maker: Justine Munich
SFU: Faculty of Science, Department of Physics graduate student
Social media: Facebook/Instagram

Kitten Komforts is a soap and bath products company owned by women in STEM at SFU. They combined their love for science with their love for skincare to produce skin type-specific products. There is an artisan handmade soap for everyone!



Maker: Nicole Chevrier
SFU: Faculty of Education Professional Development Program student
Social media: Instagram

Natural Reflections Artwork offers unique watercolor artwork products painted by SFU student and former athlete Nicole Chevrier. Her paintings are inspired by observations and reflections of the natural beauty she saw while living on campus and walking, hiking, and venturing around the Lower Mainland.



Maker: Diana Chan
SFU: Beedie School of Business alumnus
Social media: Facebook/Instagram

Pajeon Pals Clothing is a local clothing company focusing on Korean-inspired food designs for kids and adults. From bingsu to banana milk, there are iconic dishes and drinks that will make you salivate. Proudly designed and printed in Vancouver, BC.



Maker: Nan Maung
SFU: Faculty of Communication alumnus
Social media: Instagram

Papermain specializes in vibrant and cheeky pop culture greeting cards and kidswear. All designs are illustrated by SFU alumnus, Nan Maung, with a collection that includes handmade and foiled kraft cards and colourful printed options.



Maker: Aurore Plavis
SFU: Student Services staff
Social media: Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

Recreative Apparel is a conscious apparel brand for the free-spirited woman who values style, quality, comfort and the earth. Their products are ethically made in North America because they believe fashion shouldn't cost the earth or its people.



Maker: Sadiya Islam Liya
SFU: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences undergraduate student
Social media: N/A

Your inner expression voiced by mindful strokes of color, lines centered to gain insights of real you, and give a glimpse of your divine elegance in the simplest form, known by all as Mandala. VoicingThruMandala.