We build communities to connect with entrepreneurs and provide them with the necessary tools and resources to succeed. Meet the companies in the Venture Connection incubator.

  • Advisor Flow is committed to empowering advisors with intuitive solutions to help Canadians get ahead financially.

  • ArtSap is created by artists, for artists to help the arts industry to thrive. Artists will be able to use the platform to host their portfolios, make connections and securely book jobs. Vancouver's first centralized database of creative professionals will make it easier for artists to be discovered, and for clients to find the best talent available to them for their unique projects, events and rosters.

  • Edee Care is developing a device called Edee: a modular, discrete, attachable, health-monitoring device that is capable of detecting grand mal seizures.

  • Employ to Empower supports residents in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside community by providing access to development and entrepreneurial resources.

  • Garrow Space Systems has the goal of developing a variety of technologies for use in space. Currently, Garrow is developing a novel, small electric propulsion system to be used as the primary thruster on small satellites, or as part of an array of thrusters on larger satellites for translation and rotation.

  • Glow Girls is a customizable program aimed to empower feminine-identifying high school students through interactive and educational workshops on women's physical, mental and emotional health.

  • Haiven is a non-profit organization interested in improving the safety and well-being of victims impacted by intimate partner violence and abuse through technological innovation.

  • IUVOX is a health-tech company that sanitizes dental offices with the power of light. Their dual device disinfection system irradiates far-ultraviolet light, a unique wavelength that excels at safely deactivating airborne pathogens in routine dental procedures.

  • Immersio facilitates the active learning of ancient languages through personalized contextual conversations and integrated resources to allow users to expand their reading and speaking fluency.

  • Labora is a digital platform where qualified workers can find dignified and respectable work with reliable farmers who need to increase their farm's productivity.

  • Lifesaver is a customizable scheduling platform that helps sports and recreation managers build complex staff schedules. It enables managers to quickly and easily develop staff schedules while considering different job roles, certifications, and pay grades.

  • Livshows is a no-code web platform that allows you to build and publish immersive augmented reality experiences instantly.

  • We are a functional foods company focused on empowering customers to live their best-balanced-happy-life through healthy eating. Using only natural ingredients, we make healthy snacks that are tasty, nutritious, convenient, and accessible for all.

  • Mala the Brand is a handcrafted candle company born from the desire to bring comfort and relaxation to the modern home - wherever and whatever that may look like.

  • MeaningfulWork is an intelligent online platform that matches highly skilled employees with nonprofits and charities for meaningful volunteer opportunities.

  • MiTravel is building the first student-facing, all-in-one travel solution that offers an efficient, intuitive, and collaborative way for students who are studying or working abroad to plan and manage their travels.

  • Moment Energy strives to provide greater access to renewable and reliable energy storage. As creators of battery units that can be used in a variety of applications, they are currently focused on storing energy for offgrid, end of grid customers and plans on powering remote communities in the future.

  • NANOSentinel is making innovation safe by integrating preventative healthcare into the growing nanotechnology industry.

  • ODEN Health Solutions Inc. is a medical device company offering harm reduction solutions to reduce the number of deadly overdoses in Canada.

  • Streamline Athletes is a collegiate track and field recruiting platform for student-athletes to find the best university for them. Streamline Athletes helps athletes create a profile, browse and filter universities, create a list of schools, and contact coaches.

  • Studio Kleio is a creative studio celebrating families and life. The team share a common drive to genuinely connect with people and capture their stories. They recognize that every moment is precious and people are complex.

  • Tires 2 Go is a mobile tire shop currently servicing the Fraser Valley region. Our customer-focused process and forward-looking outlook on the industry allow us to offer a fast, reliable, and convenient mobile service direct to customer’s homes and work!

  • Treno is creating a never before seen connection on its platform between young/amateur athletes and professional/high-level players and coaches.

  • VivoLux was founded on the philosophy of developing portable, low-cost vasculature imaging devices based on the principles of photoacoustic imaging.

  • Your Learner application helps autism service providers and families of children with autism connect, monitor, and engage with an easy to use application that focuses on their learner.

  • Zebra is a light-weight, energy-efficient MagnetoRheological (MR) damper that makes MR technology feasible for a broad range of applications. Zebra is 50% lighter and provides 75% more dynamic force compared to its rivals.

The Entrepreneurship Experience

We are very thankful for the support we received in the early days through SFU Venture Connection, from office space, the mentorship program, networking events, media exposure and much more. Looking back over the past four years, it is truly humbling to see how far we’ve come and programs like this were a huge contribution to this accomplishment.

Maryam Sadeghi, MetaOptima

SFU Venture Connection is helping Ionomr and many other exciting ventures bridge the ‘valley of death’ from idea to established company with significant support and mentorship. This is helping us make the right decisions and build the relationships we need to succeed in the market.

Ben Britton, CEO, Ionomr