We build communities to connect with entrepreneurs and provide them with the necessary tools and resources to succeed. Meet the companies in the Venture Connection incubator.

  • Advisor Flow is committed to empowering advisors with intuitive solutions to help Canadians get ahead financially.

  • Aqua Intelligent Technology protects small cities drinking water plants from climate change to serve safe and clean water to residents. The company has developed a platform for monitoring, analyzing, and controlling drinking water treatment processes to make safe water regardless of any changes in the water source quality.

  • ArtSap is created by artists, for artists to help the arts industry to thrive. Artists will be able to use the platform to host their portfolios, make connections and securely book jobs. Vancouver's first centralized database of creative professionals will make it easier for artists to be discovered, and for clients to find the best talent available to them for their unique projects, events and rosters.

  • Autonopia was founded with a simple vision: to build autonomous robots to take over the mundane and dangerous work at height and shift the role of the human technicians to robot operators working from a safe place.

  • Founded in April 2020, BAK'D is a brother and sister owned company that makes 5 oz gourmet cookies. BAK’D cookies are not like your typical cookies. They are BIG cookies, made locally, with high quality ingredients. Each cookie is freshly baked and handmade to guarantee that each bite is the perfect bite, every time.

  • Coinplay is a Vancouver-based cryptocurrency exchange that aims to both educate and serve the public.

  • Revolutionizing EV charging in Africa with solar power and smart tech. Zero emissions, limitless possibilities.

  • Edee's mission and commitment is to improve the lives of people with chronic conditions using cost-effective wearable smart technology, health analytics, and artificial intelligence.

  • Fingerprint's product is the world’s first electronic cycle—a next-generation battery powered bicycle for those who would love to leave their car at home, but lack the confidence to cycle regularly.

  • Glow Within Foundation is a local nonprofit aimed to empower feminine-identifying individuals through interactive workshops exploring women's physical, mental and emotional health.

  • IUVOX is a healthtech company developing specialized air disinfection devices for dental offices. Our devices irradiate filtered far-ultraviolet light during routine aerosol-generating procedures to inactivate airborne pathogens in the air. We offer entirely automated devices so that oral health professionals can focus on providing the best care to their patients while also cutting down on outdated, laborious, obtrusive disinfecting methods. IUVOX is creating a safer environment in dental offices, for the health and peace of mind of dental professionals and patients alike.

  • Immersio facilitates the active learning of ancient languages through personalized contextual conversations and integrated resources to allow users to expand their reading and speaking fluency.

  • Lab 915 is a health technology group on a mission to treat plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinopathy more quickly and easily.

  • MiTravel is building the first student-facing, all-in-one travel solution that offers an efficient, intuitive, and collaborative way for students who are studying or working abroad to plan and manage their travels.

  • NANOSentinel is making innovation safe by integrating preventative healthcare into the growing nanotechnology industry.

  • One Iota Performance helps coaches and athletes get a little better every day by identifying where to focus their efforts to improve their golf performance.

  • Seedling Art Co. makes mental health tools more accessible, through eco-friendly art and journaling. Our products bring together the mindfulness of art and journaling, with the proven benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), and other tools needed to help improve quality of life.

  • Tires 2 Go is a mobile tire shop currently servicing the Fraser Valley region. Our customer-focused process and forward-looking outlook on the industry allow us to offer a fast, reliable, and convenient mobile service direct to customer’s homes and work!

  • VivoLux was founded on the philosophy of developing portable, low-cost vasculature imaging devices based on the principles of photoacoustic imaging.

  • XRGeo hosts accurate 3D renders of drill cores captured from an in-house core scanner to maximize mining and core analysis.

  • Zebra is a light-weight, energy-efficient MagnetoRheological (MR) damper that makes MR technology feasible for a broad range of applications. Zebra is 50% lighter and provides 75% more dynamic force compared to its rivals.

The Entrepreneurship Experience

We are very thankful for the support we received in the early days through SFU Venture Connection, from office space, the mentorship program, networking events, media exposure and much more. Looking back over the past four years, it is truly humbling to see how far we’ve come and programs like this were a huge contribution to this accomplishment.

Maryam Sadeghi, MetaOptima

SFU Venture Connection is helping Ionomr and many other exciting ventures bridge the ‘valley of death’ from idea to established company with significant support and mentorship. This is helping us make the right decisions and build the relationships we need to succeed in the market.

Ben Britton, CSO, Ionomr