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VivoLux was founded on the philosophy of developing portable, low-cost vasculature imaging devices based on the principles of photoacoustic imaging. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. On average, 17.9 million people die annually due to Cardiovascular disease. Due to its prevalence, it is a major area for research. One method for diagnosing and studying Cardiovascular disease is through medical imaging. However, there is a lack of availability of high quality affordable medical imaging devices capable of imaging vasculature. Therefore, we are designing an affordable high-quality medical imaging system for vasculature. 

VALIS harnesses the photoacoustic effect to target vasculature. The photoacoustic effect involves an incoming high powered light source tuned to the peak absorption wavelength of the tissue being imaged. The absorbing tissue will dissipate the energy in the form of heat. Consequently, the thermoelastic expansion causes the release of acoustic pressure waves. These acoustic waves can then be recorded outside the medium being imaged to provide spatial information of the imaged region. Photoacoustic imaging is a safe high-quality novel imaging modality that can benefit primary care physicians, veterinarians, and researchers alike.