Major Projects Office

Reporting to the Associate Vice-President, Research, the Major Projects Office (MPO) promotes, encourages and supports the development of proposals for submission to major grant competitions at the provincial, national and international levels, including:

  • Working with the Faculties
    • Keeping Faculties informed of opportunities for major research initiatives
    • Facilitating the establishment of collaborative and multidisciplinary teams
    • Facilitating the development of proposals consistent with program guidelines
    • Coordinating the submission of the proposals as University submissions
  • Within SFU, liaising on a regular basis with
    • The Faculty Deans, Chairs/Directors and other administrators as appropriate
    • Research Services for those proposals being pursued as major projects
    • Facilities Management for those proposals that have space implications
  • Outside SFU
    • Liaising with the various provincial and national granting agencies
    • Remaining abreast of developments across the research granting scene
    • Establishing continuing links to major project offices at other Canadian universities

Contact Us

Mailing Address:
8888 University Drive
Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6

TASC 2, Room 7800 ~ 8888 University Drive
Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6

Phone: 778-782-3229

Fax: 778-782-4424


Sara Swenson, Ph.D.  
   Director, Major Projects Office 
   CFI, BCKDF, and CRC Institutional
   (778) 782-3075

Charlene Allard  
   Budget Development Facilitator
   (778) 782-9323

Tracy Lee    
   Research Secretary
   (778) 782-3229

Theresa Burley   
   Major Grants Administration
   (778) 782-9710


Julia Vaughan, Ph.D.   
   Research Grants Facilitator
   (778) 782-3963

Shahrzad Jooya Ardakani, Ph.D.   
   Research Grants Facilitator
   (778) 782-3223

Lynnette La Marre    
   Assistant Grants Facilitator
   (778) 782-6582

Greg MacMillan     
 Project Manager, Advanced Research Computing
   (778) 782-3669