The Research Support Fund: providing SFU researchers with the tools and informational resources to succeed

SFU Library’s Research Commons is an excellent resource for the university community to carry out their research programs.

Simon Fraser University (SFU) received just over $8.8 million from the Government of Canada’s Research Support Fund program (RSF) for the 2017-2018 year. Support from the RSF provides the SFU research community with the tools and informational resources necessary to carry out their research programs. These include library resources, software and other digital tools, computing and network infrastructure, and research data sets. The accessibility of these resources allows SFU to participate in the global research environment, further strengthening the university’s commitment to be a world leader in knowledge mobilization, in addition to SFU’s international recognition across a range of core and interdisciplinary fields of research. 

The RSF contributes to the overall operations of SFU Library’s Research Commons. The Research Commons supports various research endeavours of the university community—in particular graduate student research, through all stages of the research lifecycle—ideas, potential partners, proposal writing, processes, and publication—while providing both physical and digital research resources. 

Nicole White, head of Research Commons, explains: 


“The Research Commons supports researchers with digital tools, services and spaces that enable the discovery and creation of new knowledge. We empower researchers by making it easy to access, use, analyze, and share information within and beyond the academy.”

The RSF is just one of the monetary supports that ensure the Research Commons can carry out the programs it provides to the SFU community. Without the support of the RSF, the Research Commons may not be available. The RSF helps make it possible for researchers to have access to digital tools, services and space to carry out their various fields of research.

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SFU Library's Research Commons supports the research endeavours of the university community, with particular focus on graduate students during all stages of the research lifecycle—ideas, partners, proposal writing, research process, and publication—and provides easy access to both physical and virtual research resources.