About half of our delegates are graduate students, and maybe a few simple observations on how the program works might be worthwhile.

1.     All academic sessions are 90 minutes long and it is important to start on time.  Sessions generally have four presenters but there are some with three and others with five.  The time available for presentations and questions will therefore vary; in the four-paper standard session it is just over 20 minutes.

2.     An important job for the Chair is to start presentations on time and allocate time evenly among presenters.  There is no need for Chairs to make lengty introductions or summaries.  Keep the show moving is the motto.  It is conventional to give a ‘two-minute’ warning when a presenters MUST stop.

3.     Presenters also have a duty to meet time restrictions, and not infringe on the time available to others.

4.     If a Chair is not present the first duty of people present is to  enrol a Chair!

5.     Sessions can be extended into the coffee and lunch breaks if discussion and interest warrant for up to 10 minutes or so.  Note that the late afternoon sessions end at 5.00 pm, and rooms must be vacated by 5.20 pm.  They may be used for evening classes, and we need to collect computers.

6.     Chairs and presenters of sessions are strongly advised to go their designated rooms 10 minutes before the scheduled starting time.  Papers have to be loaded onto computers etc.

7.     Poster presenters should go their sessions 10 minutes before time to erect posters.  Cork boards are provided and you will share room space with a small publishers’ display. Please remove your poster at the end of your session.

8.     Technical help will be available from our Department staff and the University’s downtown staff.  Assistance from the latter can be found by dialing ‘11’ on the house phones.

9.     We are planning to provide lap tops in each of the rooms.  We can also connect your computer.  Macs require adapters. It is most efficient if all powerpoint presentations can be loaded onto one computer prior to the start of the session.

10.  WIFI is freely available at both Harbour Centre and the Wosk Centre for Dialogue. Your computing ID and password will be provided at registration.

Enjoy yourselves!