Gender & GIScience

Panel Organizers:

  • Agnieszka Leszczynski, University of Birmingham
  • Britta Ricker, University of Washington-Tacoma
  • Monica Stephens, University at Buffalo

Sponsored by the GIScience Study Group

GIScience is a field currently undergoing rapid and sustained change as it confronts and integrates new spatial data forms, platforms, analytics regimes and methodologies. Gender however remains a consideration in, and for, the subdiscipline. Recently discussion has been reinvigorated around issues of gender, inclusivity, representation, and the state of the field. Hence we convene this panel to bring this discussion forth into a more public venue.  

Invited panelists will explore and discuss gendered considerations in GIScience by attending to the following issues:

  • Why do women continue to remain underrepresented as researchers in the field?   
  • The nature of inclusivity – how do we define inclusion beyond approaches of ‘add women and stir’, which has proven ineffective at including women in any discipline?
  • How does gender influence other dynamics of the research community?  
  • Gender and criticality – an attention to gender is integral to the ‘criticalness’ of approaches within GIScience, yet talking about gender does not in and of itself make for critical scholarship.
  • Gender and methodology, particularly as this concerns embracing quantitative methodologies at a time when GIScience is becoming more closely aligned with data science. Will studies of gender incorporate an empirical lens, or will the field of GIS broaden to include multiple epistemologies?

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