Below is a list of templates and samples that you can use to help plan your event. 

Event toolkit

The event toolkit guides you through the planning process from conceptualization to post event.

Master guest list template

A list of groups and individuals to be invited to the event.

Event brief template

A one- or two-page summary of your event.

Book of Words template

The event script including the timing of the event, stage directions and speaking points.

Event contact list template

A list of vendors and staff who will be onsite and their contact information.

Detailed program schedule sample

A detailed list of day-of-event activities in chronological order.

Event timeline template

An overview event planning tasks to be completed by the event planner(s), listed in chronological order. 

Event packing list template

A list of items that you will need onsite for your event. 

Event budget template

A detailed breakdown of revenue and expenses associated with your event.

Nametag template

Food and beverage cost estimation

A guide to help estimate food and beverage costs.

AV schedule sample

A detailed program and cues for AV staff.

Show flow template

A detailed outline of audio visual cues during your event e.g. lighting, camera shots, videos, IMAG, music, etc.

Event debrief template

A document to organize and track feedback following an event e.g. what worked well, challenges, areas for improvement, ideas for future events, etc.