Our brand includes standard and system fonts with specific styling. Consistent application is key to effective expression. 

System Fonts

System fonts should be used when the standard fonts are not available. These fonts are all common system fonts or open source, so they do not require users to purchase licenses.

These typefaces are also useful for sharing and editing documents in applications like PowerPoint and Word. 

Titles, headlines


  • Used for: Large and concise headlines
  • Font: Impact Regular
  • Case: ALL CAPS, do not use sentence case
  • Size: larger than 30pt
  • Colour: SFU light red or white, do not use black
  • Linespacing: Equal to the font size
  • Alignment: Left or right. Bleed off the same page whenever possible
Subheads, call-outs, calls-to-action


  • Used for: Subheads, call-outs, calls-to-action
  • Fonts: Trebuchet MS Bold
  • Case: ALL CAPS
  • Colour: SFU dark red or black
  • Linespacing: 120% of font size
  • Alignment: Left or right aligned, avoid centre align  
Body copy and call-outs


  • Used for: Body copy and callouts
  • Font: Times Regular
  • Case: Sentence
  • Linespacing: 140% of font size
  • Letterspacing: 0
  • Alignment: Left