Best Practices

The campus screens at SFU are a great way to reach students, staff and faculty walking between classrooms or offices, eating lunch on a bench, grabbing a coffee with friends and generally going about their day on campus.

Here are some best practices to keep in mind:

  • Due to the broad audience for campus screens, avoid niche topics and use screens only for events and messages with a broad appeal
  • Images and videos should be eye-catching and tailored to the campus. For example, don’t run a bulletin at the Vancouver campus for an event at Burnaby campus.
  • Peoples’ eyes are only on your bulletin for a brief time, so make sure your message is strong and compelling
  • Don’t pre-design the bulletin or place text on the background 
  • Avoid logos and use powerful, clean images
  • Your copy should be direct, engaging and brief 
  • Follow our content guidelines for creating a bulletin on campus screens