Templates are available to help you use the SFU brand effectively.


These resources are updated annually to ensure all reports are consistent in content and messaging. To access, contact with a brief description of your report. SFU Executive are notified of all upcoming internal and external-facing reports. 

Institutional facts and figures

Use a set of up-to-date institutional infographics in your report, using InDesign format.

Report design

Design your report using a branded InDesign template.

Message from the president

  • A standard message from the president is available to use in all reports, which also includes a blank section to allow you to customize the president's message to suit your report's purpose
  • All final messages require Office of the President review and approval

Research reports

  • Reports published by faculty members to profile research projects are not subject to SFU’s brand guidelines and may use independent branding instead, consistent with the Code of Faculty of Ethics and Responsibilities
  • It is strongly recommended that the report clearly identifies the name of the research group/lab conducting the research and a contact name for questions or comments