Faculty & Staff Engagement

The newsletter is sent out twice a week to all employees, and the Faculty and Staff Dashboard is a website for readers to access content in one consistent location. Find out what types of content we include and how to submit yours.

Other Sharing Options

Other newsletters

Is your content specific to the staff and faculty of a certain campus? Submit your content to the weekly Surrey and Vancouver campus newsletters via the links below:

Social media

Faculty or department-specific announcements or special interest events are important. We welcome amplification requests from all faculty and staff across SFU’s faculties, departments, VPs, campuses and programs. 

To extend the reach of a special interest initiative or event, please share links to your posted content to the SFU Communicators' MS Teams channel, "Content Amplification," for consideration. If you are not a member of MS Teams and would like to be added, please contact Fiona Burrows.

SFU Events Calendar

If you have an upcoming event to promote among faculty and staff across SFU, please post your event to the SFU Events Calendar via LiveWhale. Be sure to tag it for the faculty and staff audiences.

Learn more about submitting an event

Media and SFU News

If you have an idea and think it would make a great story for local or national media, or for SFU News, please contact the Media Relations and Public Affairs team. SFU News stories aim to:

  • Support SFU’s institutional priorities
  • Enhance our reputation
  • Be relevant to external audiences

Talk to us about a faculty and staff story idea

Do you have a faculty and staff story idea? Share it with us by contacting Alyssa Quan.