Campus screens

Campus screens let you promote bite-sized messages about services, events, contests or other updates to students at all campuses.

What is Carousel?

Carousel is an online tool for creating visual messages from editable templates. You can also schedule when and where these messages appear on public campus screens. If you have a free afternoon, you could schedule an entire semester's worth of screen content.

As well, Communications & Marketing staff can use Carousel to immediately publish crisis messaging to all screens when necessary, contributing to campus community safety.

Everything you need to know

Where are the screens?

Carousel powers the public-facing screens across all three campuses. 

Who is the audience?

Current students are the primary audience for these screens. Any content you submit should be relevant to the vast majority of students on campus.

Why use Carousel?

There are many benefits to using Carousel:

  • Save time by using crisp, on-brand, editable templates, rather than designing material from scratch
  • Create content on-the-go from your phone 
  • Decide when and where you want your content to display
  • Submit content to multiple campuses from one place
  • Reuse your content and repurpose it for other channels

Who can use it?

All SFU departments (excluding sub-units) can use Carousel. Departments must decide on a common login email address for all communicators on their team to use. External organizations are not permitted to display their own content on screens, except in cases where it is specifically addressed in an official partnership agreement with the university. Departments can, however, publish content that represents a partnership with an external group (ie. a joint event), using Carousel's on-brand, editable templates.

What content guidelines will I follow?

Before you submit screens content for approval, please familiarize yourself with our content guidelines. If you submit content that does not respect these guidelines, you may receive feedback from the channel administrator about how you can modify your content to meet these criteria.

content guidelines

How can my department sign up?

Request an account for your department by filling out the form.

Request account

While you're waiting for your account to be set up, take some time to go through the content guidelines and how-to documentation for the campus screens.

I have an account. Now what?

Follow along the way

Welcome to the campus screens! Now you can follow our illustrated instructions on how to work in Carousel.

Follow illustrated instructions

What's new?

Check out the latest editable templates as they are created.