What is Engineering Science?

Want to make a lasting difference in the world? Engineering scientists solve enduring problems with elegant but advanced solutions. From electronics to robotics and from medical devices to green technologies, we are at the pioneering edge of the future – in one of the fastest-growing career fields around. 

Why Engineering Science at SFU?

Our progressive Bachelor of Applied Science degree [BASc and BASc (Honors)] starts with a rich foundation of essential technical knowledge – a common core shared by all students in Years 1 and 2. This helps students gain a greater understanding of the options available to them in Year 3 – when they will specialize in one of five main programs or fields of concentrated study.

During their time at SFU, students also benefit from a wealth of invaluable hands-on experience: from challenging lab opportunities to a mandatory but flexible co-op program that leads many to their first jobs after graduation.

Common Core & Program Options

Most program options can be completed as a major or honours degree program. The honours degree requires the completion of a thesis, demonstrating the student’s skill in their chosen discipline. In addition to the five major options, there is one minor available in Computer and Electronics Design.