The information model gives a theoretical overview of the three research papers and our thesis to date. The model is a still graphic in the form of a downloadable PDF that visualizes the relationships certain practices have within the paradigm of Italian Design. If one looks to the top right corner, they will notice an explanatory legend of how to read the seemingly dense and complex model. In this sense, it is hierarchically designed with larger type defining larger ideas or categories, and the finer grain details in the smaller scale. In retrospect, the function of this model holds its purpose to clarify theoretical relationships within the innovation practices of Italy as a design nation.

If you wish to know more about a particular designer who may be quoted here within the Research Papers, you can visit their profile in the “Interviews” section of the website and you will find several more quotes by the same designer, theorist or company. The information model can be read in advance of reading one or more of the papers or afterwards, to provide clarity. But, in essence of this, the information model is meant to complement and clarify the context of the research papers.