Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi found Park Associati in 1999. Its focus spans from architecture, to interior and product design. Each project is approached from an experimental view with emphasis on new technologies.

Designers at Park Associati challenge themselves with complex and large projects requiring specialized consultants for structures, installations, road conditions, quantity surveying, landscaping, graphic design, lighting, and multimedia.

— excerpt from www.parkstudio.it


Main Points

  • Keeping a balance between financial projects and experimental competition to maintain interest
  • Specialization is not to be specialized to continually challenge oneself
  • Atmosphere for work plays a significant role in quality of work
  • Creative process is a process best without an hour limitation cap


Aside from specific technical details to pay attention to when designing architecture, some product, and such, it is essential, especially for an Italian designer, to think about what other people can find and actually feel as part of their own.


Design Process [clip 1]

Creative process is a process like working drawing process. You have 24 hours to do design. And then you have 20 to do final design, then 100 to do working drawings. And if you came up with a good design after 24 hours—good. If not, it’s good anyways, because that’s the time you have to do the concept. Which is for us, Italians, crazy. If you don’t have good design, it’s still not finished.

Urban Spaces Embedded into the Italian Architecture Approach [clip 1]

This is really an Italian issue; you always think where're people going to meet? …the first thing you do in an Italian project is you ask 'Where's people going to have a cigarette? Where are they going to have a talk?' …the urban side we like most is finding the way that people can find something that will actually feel theirs; part of a community.