Lana Aileen MacGregor


February 17, 1982


Vancouver, British Columbia


5th year student at Simon Fraser University, Faculty of Visual Arts and Urban Geography (BA)


  • Go out and bring your skills and determination into the field you are interested in and start gaining the experience. You don’t need a diploma or certificate to determine your profession as long as you have the desire to achieve it — education will always be there for you, but professional opportunities may come and go.
  • How close you can become to group of people that you don’t even know, but who share a common interest, just by signing up for a great opportunity and life experience that this field school has to offer. The memories our group shared will last a lifetime.


I would like to further my education in Industrial Design at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design to later pursue a possible career in furniture or product design. I also have a great interest in fashion and interior design. Basically, I would like to be given the opportunity to work in a field that collaborates the many disciplines that are design.


  • Walking through the studio of the late Achille Castiglioni. The studio was so full of life and creative genius. It was inspiring to experience the space of such a prominent figure in the history and future of design. Castiglioni is one of my favorite designers of all time, his work with Flos, Alessi and Kartel are some the great iconic pieces of design!
  • Making my first purchase in Gucci — and not feeling guilty about it!
  • kayaking in the Mediterranean sea


  • "Jack sleep, Medici map"
    –Akash, sleep talking, after an all night project work session in Dolciana, Tuscany.
  • "The market today needs what they know not what is new because new is non–existent. If something is new, it is very complicated to understand and hard for it to be a success or not. At the start a lot of pieces did not work, they take time for people and the market to comprehend. Each year is the same risk, you have to be patient, the difference is sell the object not so fast, but for a long time."
    –Luciano Bon, Cassina, July 4, 2005