"The best way to introduce ourselves? Just telling you what we do. Since 1952 MOROSO has been designing its sofas , armchairs and accessories with wellknown designers such as Ron Arad, Carlo Colombo, Enrico Franzolini, Marc Newson, Toshiyuki Kita and Patricia Urquiola. MOROSO has been constructing its sofas and armchairs aiming at top quality. For its quality, the company was the first producer of upholstered furniture in Italy to receive on 24 June 1994 the ISO 9000 certification for firm management and the ISO 9001 certification for design, production and customer service.

Furthermore from April 1999 we are certified according to ISO 14001 (environment administration). In this case too we have been the first Furniture manufacturer having obtained such an acknowledgment. Since there is a close connection between quality and impact on the environment, MOROSO has decided to use "clean", nonpolluting production processes, and materials that are natural or as recyclable as possible."
— excerpt from www.moroso.it



  • Learned of the lasting relationships they hade developed with several key designers.
  • Their commitment to the enviroment.
  • An introduction on their design philosophy and aesthetic values.

Main Points

  • How they have made long term commiments to designers they feel are innovative.
  • The willingness to commit to a project for a long peroid of time.
  • The family is still heavily involved with the running of the company and finding of new talent.
  • The switch from presenting products as a just a product to presenting it as a lifestyle.


Our visit with Moroso helped us establish the idea of the investment of time in quality process results in innovative product design. The commitment of time is not limited to a product either, as was evident with MOROSO long term relationships with designer.


Long Term Relationship

We will develop long term relationships with designers that we feel are innovative. These relastionships can last up to 20 years.

Family Involvement

The family is still involved in the running of the company. They are always looking for new talent that will make for a positive addition to the company.

Investment of Time

Sometimes a product takes a long time to develop. For example, Osorom was in development for three years. It was originally designed for the celbration our 50th anniversity and has only just gone into production in 2005.

Collection as a Lifestyle

You have to present your collection as it will be in the real world once someone buys it. It cannot be presented as a single piece rather as a Lifestyle.