Ryan Robert Mitchell Betts


July 4th, 1982


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


4th Year BSc Interaction Design, SIAT / SFU.


  • You shouldn't just walk to get tired.
  • It's okay to just walk.
  • The only thing better than passion is patience.
  • There is no perfect solution, but there are provocative questions.


My long term goal is to get an Interaction Design position in a company attracted to taking on challenging p roblems and finding sustainable, practical, or innovative solutions to them. Until I find that company, I'm going to explore the world and pursue my interests in drumming and all things percussive.


  • Early morning at the Tempietto.
  • Nadir's stories and Alberto's sandwiches.
  • Parading through the streets of Florence with the Hungry Marching Band and their Florentine friends.
  • Soccer at Camp Tiber.


  • “Today, there is a big question of quality, but also of invisible quality. Something more spiritual and poetic. And that theme, in not a lot of time, will be going in the market. Because there is no offer, but there is a lot of asking for a lot of things of that invisible quality. Our cities are full of visible signs of those kind of things. But, there are no elements of big quality right now, we don't have them.
    That's why I think that the 21st century will be very original, but also very stimulating. Also, because we are trying to make a fusion between the natural energy and what we are trying to bring. So, that kind of energy that will make a big change, but without shocking society. I mean, the moon that every night brings up the oceans of the world without making any kind of sound. That's why I think that the 21st century will be a time where the energy we are talking about will take the place of the old one, and will also give something new to the quality of man.”
    Andrea Branzi
  • “Would you a like to rubba my belly?”
  • “Dove sono I miei pantoloni?”