Akash Murgai


October 27, 1983


Hoshiarpur, India


Graduated from Templeton Secondary in 2001 with honours, I decided to pursue the field of Interaction Design at Simon Fraser University in 2003 after attending a conference held by the AIGA on the emergent global issue of interaction within design paradigms. This pursuit has lead me to my current studies in interaction and reception, the design praxis, and mapping cognitive interaction with respect to the design archetype. In retrospect, I will be graduating from Simon Fraser University with a Majors in Interaction Design within the Faculty of Applied Science and hope to continue my studies in the interactivity field of design.


  • One of the greatest things that I take away with me from the Italia field school experience is being able to work in a dynamic environment. Having the opportunity to work in a team based situation where resources, among other things, can be limiting, gave me the chance to really appreciate and empathize for others. To this extent, I would deem the field school invaluable as a resource for building character and strengthening bonds.


One of my career goals is to travel, but not for the sake of traveling, yet moreover to experience different cultures and ways of living. In this, I would have the hopes of building rich experiences that I can base life values and project goals through meeting others, and building a social network based on ideas, events and activities that connect to the people underlying this behaviour. I am currently taking great interest in photography and it has become quite the passion of my life to capture moments in which our memories can only hold so much of.


  • It is really difficult to narrow down one specific moment of interest from Italy because of the very nature of the people that make up the nation. From the very first day on Italian soil, to the last remnants of music flowing through the ancient amphitheater in Verona, Italy has, in essence, created many favorite moments for both my peers and myself. In retrospect, I remember and recall one of my most memorable moments in Italy was experienced in Cinque Terre (a small group of towns located in the La Spezia region). It was here, that a small group of us went off to explore the country side a little further on our weekend, and found a quaint little town off to the distant northern coast. We spent the next three days bathing in the sun, talking with the locals, and eating some of the best food Italy has to offer. It was also here, that I built a very tight bond with the members of this study group.


  • "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall"
    - Confucius