The students were asked to provide as much info as possible onscreen to familiarize the research team with our key interviews of these firms in advance of our visit, through internet searches, good links and articles,all the while thinking about the upload to the project site in the fall and how to make that eventual job succinct with the tasks they are to handle now. They were also asked to build a folder of images and links for further research of the firm’s work, not to be shown but attached to the site. The person who did this research then became the in-field expert on the firm and manager of that interview, leading the questions being asked while in the studios. In addition to this, they also mapped the studio location for ease of use while in the streets of Milano, Roma or Firenze and the specific directions provided. From here, each student was asked to prepare 5 MEANINGFUL questions for the firm to be asked by themselves and the group at our visit, regarding the firms practice in design; their attitudes toward innovation; as well as their thoughts on Interactive Design. In this context, students researched: IaN+, Ricci & Spaini, Metrogramma, OneOff, Park Associati, Cliostraat, Isao Hosoe, Alessi and Moroso.





Isao Hosoe

Antonia Astoria + Driade