"ONE OFF was first established in Milan in 2003, within the context of the "Fabbrica del Vapore" project, as a rapid prototyping service specialised in the manufacture of models, functional prototypes and architectural models geared primarily for the design and architectural sectors. The workshop produces the models, the prototypes and the plastic models using a combination of extremely innovative technological methods together with traditional mechanical and engineering techniques, all of which are available in house and supported by extremely up to date information technology systems."
— excerpt from www.oneoff.it



  • We learned of the 4 different methods of Rapid Prototyping used by oneOFF.
  • Their involvement the organization of "In Dust We Trust" and "Model Ideas."
  • The development of the "industreal" brand to market products developed in the above mentioned exhibits.

Main Points

  • They consider themselves a laboratory, not a studio.
  • Thry act as a medium between the client and the techinques of Rapid Prototyping
  • They develop ideas not products.


We learned that ONE OFF is an excellent model for how a company in modern Italy should be structured, with their focus on concept and ideation being well-suited to the maturing knowledge economy. They make good use of information and communication technologies to extend the reach of their organization beyond their bricks and mortar location. They are able to market their specilized knowledge, and continue on the tradition of the model maker.


How does this laboratory works? [clip 1]

We work with designers, architects, students, along with companies. We work between the companies and the designers. We help them communicate their ideas to each other.

How does a company get involved in a project with you? [clip 1]

If it is the first time the company has worked with us they generally phone us and explain what type of model is needed. However, if the company has worked with us previously they e-mail all the needed information. After an understanding has been reached on the needs of the model we may make the suggest using an alternative way of realization of their prototype.

Ideas [clip 1]

We develop ideas not products.