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Convocation profile: Rachel Wang

Rachel Wang began her undergraduate degree in linguistics with the goal of pursuing a career in audiology. Wang’s fascination with linguistics began when prompted with big questions like “What makes language unique?”. In her own words, “Language was something I used every day, but did I even know what language was?”

Before encountering the world of linguistics, Wang always admired the profound impact that medical professionals can have on the well-being of others. Her admiration for medical professionals and her fascination with finding out how language works made audiology seem like the obvious choice for her future career path. In a humbling “I realized that what I take for granted – even something as simple as a conversation – can be considered a luxury for others. This, I decided to pursue audiology because I wanted to play a part in helping others recover their communication abilities.”

Wang’s interest in the fields of medicine and linguistics lead her to volunteer as a research assistant in the Phonological Processing Lab under Dr. Ashley Farris-Trimble. Through this experience, Wang gained a deeper understanding of how research is conducted, everything from formulating a research question, designing experiments, gathering data, to analyzing results. These skills will prove to be indispensable for her future career. Wang states, “I’m sure that this experience will positively impact my effectiveness as a future audiologist.”

Aside from her volunteer work at the Phonological Processing Lab, Wang also volunteered for the Stroke Recovery Association of B.C. This experience allowed her to meet stroke survivors, many of whom have aphasia, and to personally be a part of their recovery process. Additionally, Wang volunteered with various clubs and church ministries, which greatly influenced and shaped her communication and leadership skills.

As advice to current and future undergraduate students, Wang stressed the importance of being genuine in everything that one does. “The journey matters just as much (if not more) than the destination. That’s why it’s important to question the purpose behind each action and what you truly hope to gain from what you do.”

Wang has been accepted into the UBC Master of Science program in audiology, which she has already begun. We wish her great success in her future career as an audiologist. The world can always use more compassionate and caring people who appreciate the value of helping others.