Spring 2023 Linguistics Student Poster Session

April 14, 2023

On April 13, we were joined by graduate and undergraduate students who presented their posters at the Spring 2023 Student Poster Session. Congratulations to these students for a successful day of presentations!


  • Danica Reid/Julia Schillo/Nicole Chan: Syllabification of consonant clusters in Northern Interior Salish Languages
  • Nicole Chan: Phonetic and Phonological landscape of Tsimshian English
  • Laurens Bosman/Adeola Babayode-Lawal/Jiang Long/Morteza Tavakoli: Word-Initial consonant clusters and sonority: A corpus study of Albanian
  • Ivan Fong: Analyzing loanword adaptations through the BiPhon model
  • Kaye Holubowsky: Natural and Grammatical Gender in Tashlhiyt


  • Samuel Hiu Man To: Phonetic adaptations in conversation tasks in response to communication barriers caused by sensorineural hearing loss
  • Janna Grant: The Benefit of Bilinguals on Executive Functioning: Can Intervention Close the Benefit Gap for Young Adults with Autism