Dr. Ashley Farris-Trimble to teach at the 2017 Linguistic Institute

April 23, 2017

Dr. Ashley Farris-Trimble, Assistant Professor in the Department of Linguistics at SFU, will be traveling to her home state of Kentucky to teach at the 2017 Linguistic Institute, Language Across Space and Time, July 5 – August 1, 2017. Designed for advanced undergraduate students in linguistics, graduate students in linguistics and related fields, and professionals, the Institute will offer courses, workshops, and conferences featuring top linguists from all over the world.

Dr. Farris-Trimble will be co-teaching The Timecourse of Bilingual Phonologies with Dr. Anne-Michelle Tessier (SFU, adjunct) and Dr. Melissa Baese-Berk (Assistant Professor, University of Oregon). Students in this course will consider how bilinguals must acquire two distinct sounds systems and be able to use those sound systems to recognize works in two different languages. Highly recommended as a companion course is Psycholinguistic and Corpus Approaches to Code-Switching, taught by Dr. Melinda Fricke (Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh). Students in both courses will have the opportunity to collaborate on a final project.

Students traveling to the University of Kentucky to take part in the 2017 Linguistic Institute will not only have the opportunity to experience first-class instruction from experts in the field, but are also encouraged to explore the horse farms, bourbon distilleries, and vibrant local art community of central Kentucky. 

Listen to the LSA 2017 podcast featuring Dr. Ashley Farris-Trimble, Dr. Melissa Baese-Berk, and Dr. Anne-Michelle Tessier: The Timecourse of Bilingual Phonologies by clicking image below.