Phon-Olympic Day Camp

June 22, 2024

On February 16th, the Phonological Processing Lab ran another successful day camp! These camps are designed as fun, interactive days to get children aged 5-9 excited about language and linguistics. This day camp was unique, however, as it was Olympic themed to coincide with the Olympics happening in PyeongChang at the same time. The day was structured as a “Linguistic Pentathlon” in which the children, in teams, got to compete in five linguistic based activities!

The Linguistic Olympics began in true style with a small opening ceremony. The children were given an opportunity to demonstrate their creativity by making a name for their “country” (team), using word formation processes we had introduced, and by designing their own flag. The children were then separated into small groups in order to enjoy the day’s linguistic-based activities which included introductions to made-up languages, non-verbal communication, and our first ever syntax activity!

        As usual, to the delight of the children, there were a few active components in the day. There was an extended period in the gymnasium to participate in fun games and also a scavenger hunt—but with a twist. Some friendly competition in the spirit of the Olympics was encouraged! Cooperation was also integrated, as all the teams had to work together to make the Olympic rings out of Lego they found while on the scavenger hunt.

            The day finished with the closing ceremonies in which each team was recognized for an attribute that they collectively demonstrated consistently throughout the day. Awards were given to the teams that best exemplified teamwork, creative problem solving, enthusiasm, and sportsmanship throughout the day. They were rewarded with certificates and medals.

            The Phonological Processing lab is grateful once again that this day camp was such a success. The utmost gratitude is extended to the volunteers who were a vital part in making the day camp fun for the children. We also would like to express our appreciation towards parents who show their interest in our day camps, which allows us to continue to hold them. For more information on past or future day camps organized by the Phonological Processing lab look here!