February 24, 2021

Staying on Track- Linguistics Graduate Achieves Educational Goals

Taylor Goff came across a Youtube channel that ended up defining her university career path. Goff, who is graduating with a BA in Arts and Social Sciences and a TESL Certificate, explained that the channel called NativLang highlighted Linguistics in such a unique way that she desired to learn more, and so she became a Linguistics Major at SFU.

A transfer student from Langara, Taylor encourages other future transfer students to think about what they want most out of their university career. Finding an institution that supports and encourages these ambitions is important. In addition, forming relationships and getting involved in the SFU community enhanced Taylor’s experience. Taylor explained that although it can be difficult to build relationships, finding meaningful connections is possible. Taylor found that staying behind after class was one way of meeting other students. The other was through getting involved in the community as a FASS mentor and being a member of the Linguistics Student Union.

As a new grad, Taylor reflects on her challenges and triumphs at SFU. Like many students, staying focused and getting accustomed to her new study/work environment due to remote learning has been difficult. Pushing through and being sure to use all of the online resources available to her, Taylor can say that being able to graduate and achieve the academic goals that she set for herself is her greatest success. She had ambitions and a solid plan at Langara, but the institution did not have the resources that were required in order for her to be successful. Transferring to SFU allowed her that success. Taylor is currently working as a resource teacher for the International language Academy of Canada. She is excited that she is on the path to becoming an ESL teacher, which has been a long- time goal for her. She is looking towards future employment in South Korea.

Congratulations Taylor on your upcoming convocation! The Department of Linguistics wishes you the very best in your future plans.

Taylor graduates in June 2021

Article Written by Michelle Beninteso