Linguistics Student Union (LSU)

If you are a Linguistics major, minor, or even just taking a Linguistics elective at SFU, you are a member of the Linguistics Student Union (LSU)!

What is the LSU?

The Linguistics Student Union (LSU) is a student organization that represents undergraduate linguistics students (LSU members) within the Department of Linguistics and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The LSU aims to inform and engage its members through social, academic, and career-oriented events. In addition, the LSU makes linguistics-themed merchandise available for all students and staff. Keep an eye out for our surveys, events and sales. Keep in mind that in a small department like this, prize draws are a way better chance than anywhere else!

Get involved by:

  • Doing LSU surveys to get your voice heard (and win prizes)!
  • Attending LSU events to meet the linguistics community (and have free food).
  • Joining the LSU Facebook group and following our Instagram page to keep up with LSU news and events.
  • Showing off your LSU merch around SFU Campuses.
  • Attending LSU general meetings to vote in our decisions or even become an LSU executive member!


Stay tuned!


Facebook Group:
SFU Linguistics Student Union

Instagram: @SFULSU