Discrete Mathematics

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Our research

Our group has a wide variety expertise in  pure and applied discrete math and combinatorics. Our research themes include structural graph theory, matroids, enumeration, bioinformatics, ancestral genomics, digital communications, coding theory, finite fields, ... We are one of the largest and oldest discrete math groups in Canada. 


Tom Brown

Ramsey Theory

Cedric Chauve

Computational Genomics and Paleogenomics

Matt Devos

Graph Theory

Luis Goddyn

Graph Theory

Jonathan Jedwab

Sequence and array correlations, digital communications, quantum information theory

Veselin Jungic

Ramsey Theory; Rainbow and Monochromatic Patterns

Petr Lisonek

Cryptography, Coding theory, Quantum information theory

Jan Manuch

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

Marni Mishna

Analytic and Enumerative Combinatorics 

Bojan Mohar

Graph Theory

Ladislav Stacho

Graph Theory

Tamon Stephen

Combinatorial Optimization

Lily Yen

Combinatorial Enumeration

Postdoctoral Fellows & Visitors

Name Supervisor
Azarija, Jernej Bojan Mohar
Faizrahnemoon, Mahsa Tamon Stephen
Knox, Fiachra Bojan Mohar

Graduate Students

Ph.D. Students
Dastbasteh, Reza
Gonzalez, Sebastian
Halasz, Kevin
Hannie, Stefan
Hosseini, Seyyed Aliasghar
Malekian, Mahdieh
Masjoody, Masood
Shantanam, Abhinav
Simon, Samuel
Singer, Nathan
Trotignon, Amelie
Yusun, Timothy
M.Sc. Students
Elford, Brandon
He, Bolong
Jing, Yifan
Laradji, Mohamed