Support to Capstone Teams


  1.  Each team shall receive up to a maximum of $50 for poster printing cost by way of reimbursement.
  2.  For self-funded teams,  the School will grant up to $500 by way of reimbursement (amount may vary depending on the funding allocation and on the number of claims).  
  3. Self-funded teams register using the  Registration Form:  Self-funded Capstone Team form on or before January 31st (Spring term)  or  by September 30th (Fall term) in order to be counted.
Claim process:
  • Submit one claim only per team using Coursys submission portal  between April 1 and April 15 (Fall-Spring capstone) or between August 1 and August 15(Spring-Summer capstone).
  • The completed claim form (signed/initialed by your project supervisor) and supporting documents (receipts or e-receipts with proof of payment) should be combined in one PDF file.


  • Groups participating in the entrepreneurship program may be eligible for additional funding through the entrepreneurship@sfu program (Contact Dr. Amr Marzouk).
  • The company must fund Industry-sponsored projects. Be sure you have an agreement in place and understand the reimbursement rules before making any project-related purchases.   Same for faculty-sponsored projects.