Bio Inspired Strain Sensors

We are analyzing campaniform sensilla, which are strain sensors used by different species of insects, to understand their working principles in depth and develop novel engineering bioinspired sensors.

Sample publications:

  • Menon, C., Brodie, R. Clift, S., Vincent, J.F.V. (2009) Concept design of strain sensors inspired by campaniform sensilla, Acta Astronautica V.64, No. 2-3, pp. 176–182.
  • Vincent, J., Clift, S., Menon, C. (2007) Biomimetics of campaniform sensilla: measuring strain from the deformation of holes, Journal of Bionic Engineering, Elsevier, Vol.4, No.2., pp. 63-76.

Collaborations: The project started in 2006 through collaboration with the Center of Biomimetics of the University of Bath.