Thinking of applying to Residence?

As a first-year student you'll have the privacy of your own room, but you'll find plenty of opportunities to connect with your fellow residents.

Our residences are safe, fun, convenient and affordable. Enjoy early-morning runs, late-night study sessions, and meals at SFU’s all you care to eat Dining Hall prepped and ready for you. Connect over Zoom, set-up online movie nights with your floor mates, or join our outdoor scavenger hunts or contests like Coolest Rooms in Res.

Friendships made here happen fast and often last forever

Whoever you are, living on campus might be one of the most memorable parts of your university experience. You’ll have endless opportunities to meet and connect with classmates in similar programs and meet residents from around the world.

On this page:

10 Reasons why you should live in residences

  1. Affordable housing in a competitive market
  2. Surrounded by nature, yet close to the city
  3. FREE + Unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi
  4. Great study space
  5. Live on your own and gain unique experiences
  6. Single Private Rooms to create your own private space
  7. Studies show: higher graduation rates from 1st year to 2nd year
  8. Studies show: higher GPA and greater academic success when living in residences
  9. Meal Plans @ the Dining Hall located right in residences
  10. Make life-long friends from around the globe

The Space

Each resident building is equipped with all of your essential needs including FREE high-speed WIFI internet, common spaces (study areas, laundry, washroom + more) and is just steps from class and a student resident community just waiting to welcome you.

Unlike many universities, at SFU, you will never have to share your room with anyone. Every resident will have their own single private room so you can create your own private space just how you want it.

The Neighbourhood

Living on your own has never been easier

Located in the heart of Burnaby Mountain, SFU Residences has everything you need to be successful at SFU. Residences is conveniently located near sports fields, the Dining Hall, SFU Stadium, fitness centre, and just a few blocks away from the library, coffee, classrooms, more food and more. Living in residences is the perfect solution for anyone looking for affordable housing, in a community with neighbours who have common interests and goals, and the convenience of everything you need to make your university experience a success.

COVID-19 Support

While COVID-19 has changed the way universities (and the world) operate, the simple fact remains that the core of the university experience remains the same: student residents are taking classes, writing exams, papers, etc. and are doing all of this within a community of learners.

By living on campus, you get to take advantage of both worlds - living on your own, and within a community of your peers. You’ll have access to student activities and the support of the whole community, all living together, all with similar common goals. You also get the added bonus of having senior student staff who run programs as well living within residences; ready to help you. And, as the pandemic rules expand, so too will the access to on-campus resources including walking to class, the library, and more.


You don't have to be admitted to SFU to submit an application to residence — and in fact you shouldn't wait — but we will not offer you housing until you have accepted an offer of admission.

We make offers to admitted SFU and FIC students, based on the date of application.

Application open

Apply as soon as possible to have the best chance of getting a housing offer. Offers are currently being made. Space is Limited. Complete the online application today and pay the $50 application fee.