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Sexual Violence Support & Prevention

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual violence, we're here to support you. Learn about your options. 

Has someone disclosed to you that they have been sexualy assaulted? Find out how to support them. 

Simon Fraser University is committed to addressing sexual violence through education and prevention programs, survivor support, and appropriate response to incidents of sexual violence. Sexual violence is a complex issue that requires coordinated intervention throughout our campus community. Everyone at SFU plays an important role in creating a culture of zero tolerance for sexual violence. All members of our campus community have the right to live, work, and learn in a safe and respectful environment free from sexual violence. 

What is Consent? 

Read more about our Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy

The Sexual Violence and Misconduct Prevention, Education and Support Policy was approved by the Board of Governors on March 30, 2017. Read the final policy.

News and Updates

Find out about what's happening with the Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Centre, the development of our education and prevention initiatives, and news on our upcoming awareness campaigns here

It Takes All Of Us 

Friday, October 13th | Convocation Mall | 12pm - Noon

‘It Takes All Of Us’ event is a call to action for our SFU community, and serves as an invitation for all of us to stand up and actively participate in creating a culture of consent and respect at SFU.  

The community will have the opportunity to hear from President, Andrew Petter, Elder Margaret, and Dr. CJ Rowe, the new Director of the Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office.

Key service providers and organizations on campus have been invited to host tables and share information on supports, services, research, solidarity, resistance, games, and more in relation to sexual violence in our communities. Residence & Housing will be hosting an interactive myth-busting table; the Graduate Student Society will be showcasing graduate research in areas related to sexual violence support and prevention; the Active Bystander Network will be hosting a self-care station, interactive games, and more; alongside the myriad of other service providers that will be present in Convocation Mall.

The event will be featuring a one-time ‘I am a Survivor’ gallery enclosed in Convocation Mall. Featuring survivor accounts, artwork, and stories of impact, healing, resistance, and reclaimed agency, the gallery the gallery is an enclosed space through which folks are invited to engage with first-hand accounts written by survivors who are part of our SFU community. The gallery will have a content warning before the entrance to the gallery; and emotional support staff, including Sexual Violence Counsellor Beth Triano and Personal Security Director Julie Glazier, will be present to provide support.

Serving up comfort food, hot drinks, deserts, self-care, emotional support, a space to be heard, folks with whom to stand in solidarity and hope, and a lot of sexual violence education, It Takes All Of Us promises to be a source of support, knowledge, and fun. Join us in Convocation Mall on Friday, the October 13th, and share how you are going to be part of the change on campus, because it really does take all of us.