1st and 2nd Year:

The Towers


2nd Year - 4th Year:

McTaggart-Cowan Hall


2nd Year - 4th Year :

Shell House


2nd Year - 4th Year

Graduate Students (Overflow):

The Townhouses


Graduate Students:

Hamilton Hall


Closing on August 31, 2015:

Louis Riel House


  • Graduate Student Welcome & Orientation: If you're a new graduate student who will be living at SFU Residence for the Fall 2015 term, we invite you sign up for our Graduate Student Welcome & Orientation program.  For more information, see here.
  • Fall 2015 Applicants: Residence & Housing is currently full for the Fall 2015 term.  We have a lengthy waitlist and highly encourage students to look for alternate accommodations, such as off-campus housing as we will only be able to make offers if a Fall term resident cancels or does not check in to SFU Residence by the first Friday of the term.  To be placed on the waitlist, please complete the online application form and pay the $50 application fee.  We will make housing offers to students on the waitlist on a 'first-come/first-serve' basis as room availability becomes available.
  • Louis Riel House Closure: The University has made a decision to close Louis Riel House after 45 years of service.  For those interested, you can read the official press release here.  Current residents who have questions about the upcoming closure are encouraged to read the FAQs which can be found here.

Occupancy/Housing Availability

Student Type


Availability: Fall 2015

Waitlist: Fall 2015

Graduate Hamilton Hall Full Yes (Waitlist is active as Fall offers will not go out until June 2015). 
Full Yes (still accepting applications)
Undergraduate McTaggat-Cowan & Shell House Full Yes (still accepting applications)
Undergraduate Townhouses Full Yes (still accepting applications)