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1st and 2nd Year:

The Towers


2nd Year - 4th Year:

McTaggart-Cowan Hall


2nd Year - 4th Year :

Shell House


2nd Year - 4th Year :

The Townhouses


Graduate Students:

Hamilton Hall


Graduate and Family:

Louis Riel House

Residence Events

  • 23 Hour Quiet Hours
    April 10-24, 2014
    23-hour quiet hours are in effect until the end of exams! Please keep noise to a minimum so that your fellow residents have a chance to study! - Listening to music? Use headphones. - Having a conversation? Talk in your room/lounge with the door closed. Power hour is between 5-6pm daily.
  • Finals
    April 11-24, 2014
    No Description
  • Madge Available for Storage
    April 23-24, 2014
    No Description
  • Undergraduate Move-Out Day
    April 25, 2014
    Undergraduate students not staying for the Summer term must move-out today by 12pm/Noon! Please see our Move-Out page for more info:
  • CA Move-Out
    April 26, 2014
    No Description
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Fall 2014 applications are available now.  All undergrads wanting to apply for Fall Term Residence MUST submit a new application.  This also applies to current students living in Residence.