• May 22, 2018
    The Strange Case of the Singing Toadfish and its Bizarre Mating Behaviour | Ocean Matters Lecture
    Join Ocean Wise at the Vancouver Aquarium for a fascinating look at the Plainfin Midshipman Fish. Learn about this strange and wonderful singing toadfish that can be found on beaches right here in British Columbia!
  • May 23, 2018
    The Art of Adaptive Learning: Giving the Work Back
    At its core, the framework assists in providing leaders the insights and resilience to become more effective leaders by engaging others in challenging work, particularly when facing complex systemic problems. It builds capacity within organizations by looking beyond technical challenges -- asking deeper questions and mobilizing people to do adaptive work.
  • May 24, 2018
    Women in Sustainable Energy Networking Event
    WiSE Networking Event is a great opportunity to meet and connect with over 20 amazing women from different fields within the sustainable energy sector working in low-carbon fuel, renewable energy, energy efficiency, policy and much more.
  • May 28, 2018
    WE FOR SHE Burnaby
    Are you a Burnaby high school student and interested in hearing how you can become a facilitator of change? The FemClub at Burnaby South Secondary is hosting a FREE all-day conference open to all Burnaby district high school students - prepare to be inspired and empowered!
  • May 28, 2018
    Mindset Mastery 2.0
    Learn how to improve your self-confidence and drive your business success through effective negotiation.