• How Marie Tharp Changed GeologyHow Marie Tharp Changed Geology
    It's strange to think of a time when we didn't know that the ocean bottom isn't flat, but that time did exist. When scientist Alfred Wegener first proposed his theory of continental drift, no one believed him and thought he couldn't possibly be correct. That is, until Marie Tharp discovered the 10,000-mile-long Mid-Atlantic Ridge, and proved him right.

  • Consultant Sought at University of ManitobaConsultant Sought at University of Manitoba
    The University of Manitoba is conducting analysis into possible sex-based salary inequities of faculty members. Pay inequality is a real problem in many industries and institutions, and this is a chance to add more hard data to the subject.

  • The Finkbeiner Test: 7 Rules to Avoid Gender ProfilingThe Finkbeiner Test: 7 Rules to Avoid Gender Profiling
    Film has the Bechdel Test, which asks whether a work of fiction features at least two women (who have names) who talk to each other about something other than a man, but science has taken this investigation one step further and can now claim the Finkbeiner Test.

  • 7 Inspiring TED Talks by Women in STEM7 Inspiring TED Talks by Women in STEM
    TED Talks is an informative and engaging series of lectures that allow us to find out more from some great minds. There are so many male driven TED Talks but there are also some wicked smart women.

  • GBA+ Awareness Week 2017GBA+ Awareness Week 2017
    In part of the Constitution of Canada entitled Charter of Rights and Freedoms, gender equality has been included to mean that diverse groups of women, men, and gender-diverse people are able to participate fully in all spheres of Canadian life, contributing to an inclusive and democratic society. When we lack data required to assess the actions, programs, and promises of the government, we are unable to fully understand how the government is affecting the people whose rights are protected under the Charter. Closing key gaps between diverse groups is extremely important.