• Depictions of Women in STEM: Nanette ColeDepictions of Women in STEM: Nanette Cole
    This time, we examine toxic masculinity in technology and how Nanette Cole in "Black Mirror's" episode "USS Callister" navigates it.

  • Women in STEM and Mental HealthWomen in STEM and Mental Health
    Feeling like you don’t belong somewhere can cause our fight-or-flight mechanisms to kick in, which causes stress. Furthermore, this can lead to anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. This isn’t talked about enough and what better time to talk about it than Mental Health Week?

  • Science Odyssey & Science Rendezvous 2018Science Odyssey & Science Rendezvous 2018
    Discover this 10-day Canada-wide celebration of STEM!

  • Urban Work, Independent WorkUrban Work, Independent Work
    By 2020, 45% of Canadian workers will be self-employed. What is the future of work and how can one be successful as an independent worker?

  • Parental Leave and Women in STEMParental Leave and Women in STEM
    Being a new parent is hard enough without having to worry about both money and having a job to go back to.