K-12 Teacher Resources

Below you'll find classroom activities, outreach programs, and career information to help you inspire your students with STEM!

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What is Engineering?

Stereotype Threat

Classroom Activities

Resources and projects that make STEM relevant for Grade 8-12 students.

Finding Ada Resources For Schools
Classroom activities, posters, and teaching notes focused on students aged 11-14.

Ordinary Women: Daring to Defy History
A video series by Feminist Frequency on women who challenged stereotypes and smashed the status quo. Comes with free curricula and activity sheets for classroom use.

People Like Me Resource Pack
This free pack of resources helps use girls' natural tendency to articulate their self-identity with adjectives to help them see themselves working happily and successfully in STEM. Targeted at girls ages 11-14.

Science.gc.ca Activity Book
Over 30 science games, experiments and activities tailored for different age groups and skill levels.

Science World Educator Resources
Classrooom activities, field trip ideas, and much more is offered for free from Telus World of Science.

WWEST Women in Science and Engineering Game

Supported by WWEST, the Phylo(mon) Project has released a fun card game that focuses on awesome women in STEM, as well as issues pertaining to the challenges around gender equity. Playing the game offers an opportunity for discussion around the issues women in STEM have faced through the ages and continue to face. Cards feature profiles of pioneering women in STEM as well as terms that students can apply when learning about equity in STEM. The game can be downloaded for free at the above link.

Educational activities and research on mathematics teaching methods for teachers.

Outreach Programs

GEERing Up!
Engineering and science in-school workshops, summer camps, and outreach programs at UBC Vancouver & Okanagan.

Let's Talk Science at UBC
Science outreach events and programming to engage youth in Science.

Project Implicit
An online test that measures your implicit associations about race, gender, sexual orientation and other topics.

Science Adventures
Engaging students, teachers and the community in the exploration of science and technology at Yukon College.

Science Al!ve
Science in-school workshops, summer camps, and outreach programs at SFU.

A Canadian charity that provides a month-long summer program focused on STEAM to 800 students every year. 

STEM Outreach Collective

The SFU STEM Outreach Collective is a collection of SFU groups that are focused on promoting outreach and engagement within STEM. Representatives from these groups meet once a semester in order to brainstorm ways to make STEM more accessible for all.

STEM Career Information

Science and Technology Career Videos

Women in science, engineering and the trades share what they do at work from WISEatlantic, another CWSE Chair.