WinSETT Leadership Workshop Series

WWEST is excited to host the WinSETT Centre as they present all five of their professional development workshops in Vancouver for the first time. After successfully running this leadership program in Edmonton for a number of years, the WinSETT Centre is now offering it across Canada. These workshops are tailored primarily to early to mid-career women working in the traditionally male-dominated fields of science, engineering, technology and trades (SETT) but graduate students and upper undergraduates will also find them an incredibly valuable experience. The program has been developed by professionals based on the experiences of women in SETT and is grounded in research and practices that work. All workshops were facilitated by Cheryl Kristiansen, P.Eng.

Becoming Leaders - January 20, 2017
This workshop covers the core competencies of leadership, explores the positives and negatives associated with becoming a leader in SETT, and teaches participants how to apply proven leadership tips and strategies in the workplace.
Speaker: Lianna Mah, M.Eng., P.Eng., FEC

Effective Communication - Februrary 17, 2017
This workshop covers the different styles of communication, helps participants figure out their own communication style, and provides tips for navigating gender factors that affect communication. 
Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Gardy

Negotiating For Success - March 10, 2017
This workshop provides information about different negotiating models, helps participants assess their own negotiating strengths and challenges, and allows participants to practice negotiating for opportunities, resources, recognition, financial benefits, and access to networks. 
Speaker: Judi Hess

Navigating Politics at Work - April 7, 2017
This workshop teaches participants about workplace politics relative to their experiences, informs them about the informal organizational structures and relationships that underpin those politics, and prepares them to deal with specific political situations at work. 
Speaker: Leigh Wall

Networks, Mentors and & Sponsors - May 5, 2017
This workshop helps participants to appreciate the role of mentors in supporting and advancing their careers, provides information on how to develop (and be) sponsors and mentors, and gives them an opportunity to strengthen their networking skills.
Speaker: Anna Stukas

These workshops were sponsored by the NSERC CWSE.