7 Inspiring TED Talks by Women in STEM

June 08, 2017

Written by: Alicen Ricard

TED Talks is an informative and engaging series of lectures that allow us to find out more from some great minds. There are so many male driven TED Talks but there are also some wicked smart women out there with amazing things to say. The series has given these women in STEM a global platform to share their ideas and tell their personal stories.  Here are seven highly motivational women of STEM:

How I fell in love with quasars, blazars and our incredible universe

Reaching for your goals and what you want can be difficult, but Jedidah Isler shows the importance of following your dreams. Her love of space is contagious and that carries over to this talk. She is highly informative and makes you want to know more.

Building blocks that blink, beep, and teach

Ayah Bdeir is a creative and inspiring inventor who created Lego-like programming blocks that simplify technology in a fun way. These interchangeable little blocks are going to change the way we see technology.

A neural portrait of the human mind

Nancy Kanwisher, brain imaging pioneer, is both engaging and extremely intelligent. She uses scans of her own brain to monitor activity in different brain regions. She’s learned so much but there’s still so much more to learn!

How giant websites design for you (and a billion others, too)

There’s something cool about being a part of something that affects the entire world. Facebook’s director of product design, Margaret Gould Stewart, explains the importance of web design and what that can mean for us.

The rise of personal robots

Robots are cool, right? Cynthia Breazeal gives us the inside scoop on the robots she is designing. She discusses training the robots to interact with humans and what that could mean for us in the future, and how it will make our lives easier.

Inspiring the next generation of female engineers

When you close your eyes and picture an engineer the first thing you picture isn't a woman is it? Debbie Sterling is trying to change that.

The future of STEM depends on diversity

Nicole Cabrera Salazar is trying to change the way we see scientists and our image of them being white males. She shares how important it is to have diversity in STEM.

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