Episode 20: Rahael Jalan, PhD, Founder, Eagles of Tomorrow Education Society

January 23, 2018

Rahael Jalan, PhD, joins Danniele to discuss her journey from India to Canada, where she settled to help Aboriginal youth excel in mathematics. She speaks about traveling the world to do her work, how she entered mathematics as a student in India, and her passion for sharing the gift of education with those less fortunate.

Guest: Rahael Jalan, PhD (Website)

Rahael Koshy Jalan is the founder/director of "Eagles of Tomorrow Education Society." Eagles of Tomorrow’s mission is to provide a comprehensive program in mathematics fundamentals for success in STEM and other areas of learning which require a solid foundation in mathematics. In 2004, Rahael was asked to help with issues that hindered math proficiency among Aboriginal students in Vancouver. The society's program, "Math Yes We Can" and its "Language of Mathematics" workbooks have created an environment where Aboriginal learners can graduate from high school with a solid foundation in mathematics. Rahael earned her PhD in mathematics from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. She came to Canada in 1983. She began her journey helping Aboriginal youth in 1992 at the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College.

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