Episode 37: Jocelyn Joe-Strack, PhD Student, Land Use Planning and First Nations Studies

September 04, 2018

In this episode of Best of the WWEST: Yukon Edition, Alison Anderson chats with Jocelyn Joe-Strack about going back to the land. Jocelyn tells us how she thinks about her First Nations background in her work strengthening the land planning process in the Yukon. She talks about finding the best solutions for all parties involved as First Nations rebuild and heal from the experiences of colonialism and residential schools. You'll also find out little tidbits about Jocelyn, such as her nickname for her husband and what she would bring with her if she were stranded on a deserted island!

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Guest: Jocelyn Joe-Strack (LinkedIn)

Jocelyn Joe-Strack is a PhD student in the field of Land Use Planning and First Nations Studies at the University of Saskatchewan School of Environment and Sustainability. She is also a winner of the 2017 Vanier Scholarship, which is valued at $150,000 and recognizes top tier PhD students who demonstrate excellence in academia, research impact, and leadership at Canadian universities. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and Microbiology from the University of Victoria, and a Master of Science degree in Subarctic Geography and Microbiology from the University of Northern British Columbia. Jocelyn is a member of the Champagne and Aishihik First Nation and was born and raised in the Yukon. She is an entrepreneur, and currently works as a consultant with her business Subarctic Research and Strategy.

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