Episode 4: Christiana Cheng, PhD, Research Associate

June 13, 2017

Best of the WWEST host Danniele interviews Christiana Cheng, Research Associate at the Rick Hansen Institute. Christiana talks about her undergraduate and graduate degrees in biology at Simon Fraser University and fellowship in Japan, lets us in on the favourite parts of her field (hint: it involves a strong network between provinces and hospitals), offers advice for students of science (take your time!), parents of scientists (give your kids equal opportunities), and future scientists alike; and reveals her tips for dealing with stress.

Guest: Christiana Cheng, PhD (LinkedIn)
Christiana is a Research Associate at the Rick Hansen Institute where she works to improve the health of people with spinal cord injury by understanding the current status of care services for spinal cord injury, and using evidence to optimize timing and access to care. Christiana obtained her PhD in 2007 from the Department of Biological Sciences at Simon Fraser University and has received a post-doctoral fellowship from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

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Hosted by: Danniele Livengood (@livengood)
Theme Music: “Positive and Fun” by Scott Holmes
Produced by: Vanessa Reich-Shackelford