Episode 65: Vienna Lam, Lab Manager & Researcher, SFU Centre for Forensic Research & School of Criminology

November 05, 2019

In this episode, we hear from Vienna Lam, a graduate researcher and the Lab Manager at the SFU Centre for Forensic Research and School of Criminology. She tells host Danniele about her love for learning, which took her from a bachelor degree to a second bachelor degree to a master's degree. You'll hear about her passion for the whole research cycle as well as strategic planning, and you'll even learn what it was like for her to find her first human remains while on an excavation in Fiji, plus much more.

Guest: Vienna Lam (website)

Vienna Lam is the Lab Manager and a graduate researcher at Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) Centre for Forensic Research and School of Criminology.

Vienna’s forensic anthropology research is on the decompositional effects of lake submerged skeletal material and works with the Canadian Drowning Prevention Coalition to examine aquatic deaths in Canada using geospatial tools. Aside from research and teaching activities, Vienna serves on the Simon Fraser University Research Ethics Board and gives public talks and workshops about human anatomy on behalf of Science World and the Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology (SCWIST).

Vienna was recently selected by SFU Vice-President Research and International, Dr. Joy Johnson, as one of 10 doctoral students to represent SFU, present their research, and compete in a life and medical sciences hackathon (called the $10 challenge) at the International Student Research Forum in Denmark. Vienna’s passions coalesce at the intersection of science education, criminal justice, and human rights advocacy. Her goal is to improve the learning outcomes amongst youth through public engagement and collective empowerment, which is aligned with what she hopes to achieve through her teaching, research and volunteerism. 

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