Episode 69: Mary-Jane Piggott, Senior Water Resources Engineer

January 08, 2020

WWEST manager and Best of the WWEST host Danniele talks to Mary-Jane Piggott, Senior Water Resources Engineer, about why she came to Canada from Australia, how the arts can intersect with STEM, and how her job lets her travel to really cool places. Plus, you’ll find out where you can see the evidence of a water resources engineer’s work in everyday life and Mary-Jane offers some really great advice for STEM students and professionals.

Guest: Mary-Jane Piggott (LinkedIn)

Mary-Jane Piggott is the North America Regional Manager of the Mining and Environment Group at Klohn Crippen Berger or KCB. Mary-Jane is a Senior Water Resources Engineer who specialises in stormwater management with 20 years’ experience in Australia, Canada, the USA and South America in investigation, design and project management of mining, civil and water resource projects. She manages the North America region of KCB’s Mining Environmental Group and enjoys being part of a team of experienced scientists and engineers. Outside of work she enjoys camping, photography and spending time with family and friends.

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Hosted by: Danniele Livengood (@livengood)
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Produced by: Vanessa Hennessey